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Kendall Square Chiropractic would like to thank our patients for these outstanding recommendations....

"personable, professional and extremely supportive" 

"As a personal trainer and longtime competitive athlete, chiropractic care has always been an essential part of my lifestyle.  I have found Chiropractic care to be an integral part of my mental, emotional and physical health.  

Dr Patrick is personable, professional and extremely supportive.  I would highly recommend his practice to everyone in the Greater Boston area!"  --Katie G.

"honest, fair, professional, and kind"

"As one who has always been skeptical about chiropractors (having an orthopedic surgeon as a father), I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor.  But after meeting Patrick, I am convinced that there do exist good chiropractors. He is honest, fair, professional, and kind. A good family man, and one who also has suffered through injury, Patrick is trustworthy and knows what he is doing. Especially because I am a fitness instructor, Patrick is my go-to person when I am in pain. Seeing him always helps me feel better overall. You won't be disappointed. (also, as a side note, as one who gets a massage once a week in places all over Boston, his massage therapists are top-notch as well, and worth the money spent) --Sandra K.

"the best chiropractor I've ever worked with"

"Hands-down the best chiropractor I've ever worked with, Patrick is the best! He's knowledgeable, strong and compassionate. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Cambridge, this is the guy to work with. Highly recommended!"  --Jim M.