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Postural Care

Do you find yourself slouching with your head and shoulders creeping forward after just an hour or two on the computer?

Does it feel difficult to sit with “normal” posture?

Do you find yourself getting a sore neck and pain between your shoulder blades when you sit for too long?

Does your lower back stiffen up when you're seated?


All of these problems can be attributed to poor posture and chiropractic treatment is an excellent treatment option for you. We’ve seen a huge influx of patients in the past few months due to poor ergonomics that have led to repetitive strains. Many people do not have optimal home work stations in comparison to what they have at work. With many people working from home these days we've seen a sharp uptick in repetitive strain injuries due to poor posture. Poor posture can lead to neck pain, back pain and tension headaches. Every inch of forward head carriage leads to an increase of 10 pounds of strain to the neck and upper back muscles. This increased stress overloads the muscles. Over time these sometimes imperceptible strains can add up to become more severe and painful strains. Scar tissue can build up in the muscles and your joints can become stiff and achy.


Your treatment plan will consist of chiropractic adjustments to restore proper spinal alignment, muscle release techniques to relieve muscle tension and eliminate scar tissue and a home exercise program including stretches and strengthening exercises to help break the repetitive strain cycle and make your neck and back more resilient to sprains and strains in the future. We will also review improvements to your work station so that you can work pain-free.

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